Central Vac Systems

At Watchdog Security and Sound, we have the perfect alternative to the frustrating and awkward conventional vacuum cleaner. Call us today for a FREE quote on a Honeywell or Electrolux central vacuum system.

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No need to lift heavy vacuums, trip over cords or drag a portable canister around furniture causing damage. Central Vac works with a combination of in-wall tubing that runs from strategically placed inlets throughout your house to a power unit generally located in your garage. Simply plug in the lightweight hose to one of the wall inlets and the powerful suction begins immediately.


  • Easier and more convenient to use than a conventional vacuum cleaner
  • More durable than traditional upright vacuum cleaners
  • Can be affordably installed in either your new construction home or existing home
  • Deep cleaning power and suction doesn’t quit over time
  • Ultra-quiet, easy and lightweight

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